Meet the Acomb Travel Team

Acomb Travel is one of the United Kingdom’s leading Independent travel agencies. We pride ourselves on our high standards of customer care, attention to detail and knowledge of the Travel industry.

Eric Walton

Managing Director

After 40 years Eric is now taking a back seat role, but is still available for home visits and telephone consultations, so not fully retired then!!

Dream Destination: Tanzania Ngorongoro Crater

Favourite Destinations: USA and Greece

Food Heaven: A good Mexican.

Food Hell: A Big Mac!!

Favourite Drink: A nice cold glass of Chardonnay

Something you regularly say: “How much!!!”

Avril Barrett

Travel Consultant

Avril came on a 3 weeks work experience way back in 1985 and is still here!! No regrets though as she has travelled the World.

Dream Destination: Antarctica to see the icebergs and penguins.

Favourite Destinations: Switzerland and South Africa

Food Heaven: To start Fried Brie with Berries, Veal Scallopini in lemon sauce followed by Chocolate Fudge cake.

Food Hell: Pilchards “it’s the smell”

Favourite Drink: Red wine or Champagne

Something you regularly say: “I’m going away next week…” or “ I’ve just got back from…..”

Suzi Anderson

Travel Consultant

Suzi has after many years of working with the multiples is well and truly settled at Acomb Travel. Having a young family herself Suzi knows what is really important for a great family holiday.

Dream Destination: Rio de Janeiro at Carnival time.

Favourite Destination: Dubai

Food Heaven: Spanish Tapas.

Food Hell: Liver

Favourite Drink: Bottle of bubbles!!

Something you regularly say: “Lovely”

Mel Ellwood

Travel Consultant

Mel is the newest member of the team. After 10 years in the travel industry, she landed at Acomb Travel in October 2018. If you want to travel to Greece, Mel’s the one to see! She goes nearly every year!

Dream Destination: Alaska

Favourite Destination: Greece

Food Heaven: Anything Greek!

Food Hell: Sushi

Favourite Drink: Red wine, or you cant beat a cold cider on a warm day

Something you regularly say: ‘ this weekend I am running at…’

Sam Walton


After varied careers including banking, fruit picking, floristry, then in a major high street store, Sam has finally found marketing with lots of networking (& chatting!!) to be right up her street.

Dream Destination: Alaska

Favourite Destinations: NZ and Australia

Food Heaven: A real tasty Curry.

Food Hell: Cucumber

Favourite Drink: Aperol Spritz

Something you regularly say: “Absolutely”